Field Hub 2.0

The core of the Slingshot experience is the Slingshot Field Hub. A small device that fits neatly into the cab of your vehicle, the hub connects your precision ag hardware to Slingshot’s suite of services. It connects your operator, managers and Slingshot support to each other via the Internet and puts a complete web experience on your Raven field computer.

Get up to 4G LTE speeds on major phone networks in North America and around the world. Field Hub 2.0 serves up high-speed Internet on your field computers. You can also connect devices like phones and tablet computers to Wi-Fi enabled versions of the Field Hub. In addition to the features and functionality available directly through the Slingshot web portal, Slingshot also lets you utilize the benefits of connectivity and cloud-based solutions in the software package of your choice. Slingshot’s open platform means you can integrate the functionality of Slingshot directly into the applications that you already use to manage your business and operations. Slingshot works in a culture of collaboration with leading agriculture software and application providers.


  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • Durable and reliable
  • High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity for external devices
  • Flexible data plans
  • Faster file transfers and software updates reduce costly downtime
  • Take advantage of growing 4G coverage throughout North America
  • Only pay for the data you use
  • Standardized data plans through Raven eliminates contracts, meaning you only pay for data when you need it


Field ComputerSlingShot GSSlingShot RTKRemote SupportWireless Software UpdatesWireless File TransferField Hub 1.0Field Hub 2.0
Viper ProXXX
Envizio Pro SeriesXXXXX


Compatible with Viper® 4, Giving  You

  • Slingshot Link™ featuring over the air software updates (no USB drive needed)
  • API compatibility, including SST Sirrus® and Summit
  • Access to Slingshot Online – Including Fleet View, Remote Support, and File Transfer
  • Slingshot GS and Slingshot RTK GPS correction signals