Anchor Rite/Hang-R


Anchor Rite


The Anchor Rite Concrete Slat Fastener quickly attaches hog panels to concrete slats, sitting lower in the channel so it does not crack the concrete. The molded clip features a semi-elliptical profile to provide a larger contact angle over competitive circular designs, lowering stresses on the slat sides.

Attachment hardware:
3/8” x 4” long -16 fully threaded 304 stainless steel bolt (5″ length also available)
3/8” 304 stainless steel flat washer

Made with glass-filled nylon, the Anchor Rite with the zinc nut is black in color, stainless steel is natural.
Sold in boxes of 100 units.


The DHI Hang-R is designed for easy installation of overhead water lines, electrical or computer wiring, tubing and much more!  Injection molded from high density polyethylene, the Hang-R is durable and resilient to stresses.  This unit will save you time and money on your installation project.
Specifications and Features:
The Hang-R has a 2-3/4″ inside diameter and 1″ width.  It features a single 1/8″ screw mounting hole.  Hang-R’s are sold in boxes of 150 units.

Easy Installation:
One #10 screw is required (not supplied) to secure the Hang-R to the mounting surface.The 20 deg slant in the ring design allows the mounting screw to be driven straight up into the mounting surface.
A pre-formed 1/8″ diameter hole prevents screw slippage.

Part No.Description
125302-3/4″ Inside Diameter and 1″ Width
Part No.Description