Liquid Blockage Monitor System – BM-08AP



  • Uses magnetic sensing technology mounted behind the VisaGage II Flow Monitors.
  • Sensors can be mounted to existing VisaGage II units; new magnetic balls are supplied with sensors.
  • Identifies where magnetic balls are floating in each row during liquid application.
  • Only LBMS shows both low-flow and no-flow. Plus, the Premium Wireless and the NEW ISOBUS Systems also display high flow for broken lines.
  • See a visual display and hear an audible alarm on the control panel right from your tractor cab.
  • Can be used with cloudy or dark liquids – LED is visible to the sides of the column.
  • Each row with a distribution problem will be highlighted by a flashing LED light at the row. No need to remember or search for which row is blocked after you come to a stop.
  • The alarm will reset automatically when the blockage has been corrected.
  • Have the ability to “Pause” the system to capture problem rows for investigation later when you are able to stop.
  • Our patented LBMS is available in five user-friendly options: standard wired control panel; the wireless systems for iPad, Android, and Amazon Kindle; or the newly released ISOBUS.
  • Wireless apps and ISOBUS sections can be defined and rows can be numbered.
  • The LBMS App is free and available from the Apple Store, Google Play Store, or the Amazon Kindle Store.
Part No.Description
BM-08APStandard Control System Applicator 8 Row Kit includes: control panel with mount bracket, input harness, 28 ft. extension harness, tee harness, two standard sensor kits and two terminator plugs.

VisaGage II Flow Monitors are ordered separately: SMSS4 set of 4 Flow Monitor Spray Type and SMFD4 set of 4 Flow Monitor Divider Type.

Product Manual