Bulkheads & Syphon Tubes


Bulkheads & Syphon Tubes are available for Ace Roto-Mold tanks in the following sizes. Standard fittings that come included with each tank are listed in each tank table. A syphon tube is included with the purchase of all Pick Up Tanks and all Vertical Tanks 300 gallons or greater. Fittings listed below are available as additions to tanks ordered with multiple fittings. Both fittings and syphon tubes are available as replacement parts. If you need assistance determining which replacement part your tank requires, call our customer service department at 1-800-433-3579.

Part No.DescriptionHole Requirement
108971/4″ Brass Bulkhead25/32″
100581/2″ Ace Polypropylene Bulkhead1 1/4″
100251/2″ Polypropylene Bulkhead1 3/8″
132083/4″ Ace Polypropylene Bulkhead1 7/16″
104843/4″ Ace Heavy Duty Bulkhead1 3/4″
104851″ Ace Polypropylene Bulkhead1 3/4″
109181-1/4″ Ace Polypropylene Bulkhead2 1/4″
105071-1/2″ Ace Polypropylene Bulkhead3″
105082″ Ace Polypropylene Bulkhead3″
104862″ Stainless Steel Bulkhead double threaded3″
109122″ Ace Heavy Duty Bulkhead for tanks over 3000 gal3 1/4″
104902″ SS Bulkhead Heavy for tanks over 3000 gal3 1/4″
125283″ Ace Polypropylene Bulkhead4 1/2″
104873″ Stainless Steel Bulkhead double threaded4 1/2″
110994″ Stainless Steel Bulkhead4 7/8″
105112″ Syphon Tube
104882″ Long Syphon Tube
104893″ Long Syphon Tube
134704″ Long Syphon Tube
Part No.DescriptionHole Requirement