Inductor Tanks

Tanks require stands to support the conical bottoms. Tanks are manufactured from medium-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors and designed for containment of liquids of up to 1.7 specific gravity. Tank walls are translucent for level viewing and equipped with gallon indicators.

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Inductor Tanks are selected as supply tanks for application systems and when a more complete drain out of stored liquids is required in indoor or outdoor applications.

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Part No.DescriptionWeightDimensionsLidFitting
INFD7-157 Gallon815 x 218″1 1/2″ FPT BOSS
INFD10-1510 Gallon1015 x 2581 1/2 FPT BOSS
IN0015-1915 Gallon1219 x 2412″2″ FPT
INFD15-1915 Gallon Full Drain1219 x 2712″1 1/2″ FPT BOSS
IN0015-19SM15 Gallon Side Mount1019 x 2412″2″ FPT
IN0030-2430 Gallon1724 x 3012″2″ FPT
INFD30-2430 Gallon Full Drain1724 x 3312″1 1/2″ FPT BOSS
INFD40-3040 Gallon Full Drain2630 x 3412″2″ MPT BOSS
IN0055-2455 Gallon2424 x 4212″2″ FPT
INFD55-2455 Gallon Full Drain2424 x 4612″1 1/2″ FPT BOSS
INFD60-3060 Gallon Full Drain2830 x 3816″2″ MPT BOSS
IN0085-3085 Gallon3730 x 4312″2″ FPT
INFD85-3085 Gallon Full Drain3730 x 4812″2″ FPT BOSS
IN0110-30110 Gallon4430 x 5112″2″ FPT
INFD110-30110 Gallon Full Drain4430 x 5612″2″ FPT BOSS
Part No.DescriptionWeightDimensionsLidFitting