PCO Tanks

PCO (Pest Control Operator) – Tanks can be selected for stationary or transportable (non DOT approved) applications both indoors and outdoors. The tanks have a rounded bottom for best fluid drainage and a 2” deep sump option is also available. PCO tanks must be securely anchored for use in transportable applications and galvanized steel bands are available for this purpose. PCO300-37 comes with an internal baffle for support and fluid control. The tanks are manufactured from medium-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors and designed for containment of liquids of up to 1.7 specific gravity.


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S = Sump / W = Without Sump

Part No.CapacityWeightDimensionsLidFitting
PCO035-16W35 Gallon2616 x 35 x 215″1″
PCO050-19S50 Gallon w/ sump2719 x 38 x 238″1″
PCO050-19W50 Gallon2719 x 38 x 238″1″
PCO100-30S100 Gallon w/ sump5230 x 38 x 298″1″
PCO100-30W100 Gallon5230 x 38 x 298″1″
PCO150-37S150 Gallon w/ sump6337 x 48 x 2912″1 1/4″
PCO150-37W150 Gallon6337 x 48 x 2912″1 1/4″
PCO200-37S200 Gallon w/ sump8437 x 48 x 3812″1 1/4″
PCO200-37W200 Gallon8437 x 48 x 3812″1 1/4″
PCO300-37S300 Gallon w/ sump16037 x 69 x 4016″2″
PCO300-37W300 Gallon16037 x 69 x 4016″2″
Part No.CapacityWeightDimensionsLidFitting