VisaGage II Liquid Flow Monitor – SMSS4


Proper Application = Increased Yields

  • With the VisaGage II Flow Monitor you will know immediately if an outlet is plugged, thus causing possible variations in your application rates.
  • So easy – See the balls in line and know your rate is uniform.
  • When ball is lower you know there is a restriction at the outlet, hose or opener supplied by that flow meter.
  • A ball higher than the others is an indication that hoses or fittings supplied by that specific Flow Monitor is broken or has a leak.

For Use with Sprayers**

Part No.DescriptionSpray TypeInlet SizeOutlet SizeBall SizeEnd CapO-RingRetainer Clip
SMSS4Set of 4 Flow Monitor Assembly4 bodies1/2″ NPT female3/8″ NPT female(20) 1/2″ diaYesVitonStainless

Owner’s Manual