Cistern Tanks


Ace Roto-Mold cistern tanks are intended for bulk storage or collection of potable water and designed for below ground level installations. Tanks are manufactured from high-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors and feature a trapezoidal, deep rib design. Only Ace tanks feature a custom-molded gasket in the lid. Manufactured from extruded Nitrile rubber, the gasket snaps into the lid and ensures a watertight seal. Our exclusive lid design locks in place with nylon ties, eliminating the need for metal fasteners that can corrode and fail. Ace Roto-Mold cistern tanks are FDA-approved for potable water and are manufactured for containment of liquids up to 1.7 specific gravity.

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Part No.CapacityWeightDimensions
AST-0325-1W325 Gallon Cistern13454 x 56
AST-0525-1W525 Gallon Cistern19463 x 74
AST-0850-1W850 Gallon Cistern Single Compartment25960 x 70 x 60
AST-1150-1W1150 Gallon Cistern Single Compartment41460 x 101 x 60
AST-1450-1W1450 Gallon Cistern Single Compartment47358 x 118 x 72
AST-1700-1W1700 Gallon Cistern Single Compartment56758 x 137 x 72
Part No.CapacityWeightDimensions

Below Ground Spherical Cistern Tank Installation Procedure

Below Ground Cistern Tank Installation Procedure

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