Free Standing Horizontal Bulk Storage Tanks without Sump


Free Standing Leg Tanks are selected when transportable (non DOT regulated) containment is required for indoor or outdoor applications. Leg Tanks are equipped with molded-in legs to support the tank and band locators for tie down. Tanks are manufactured from medium- or high-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors and designed for containment of liquids of up to 1.7 specific gravity. Tank walls are translucent for level viewing and equipped with gallon indicators.

  •  Ace Roto-Mold’s unique baffle system is easy to install and clean.  These baffles help to reduce fluid sloshing. Baffles come standard in some tanks and offered as an option in others:
    Optional: FS1065-56W
    Standard: FS1610-78, FS1750-62, FS1850-78, FS2350-88, FS2350-88, FS2750-88, FS2750-88, FS3250-88, FS3250-88, FS3750-88 & FS4250-88

FSxxxx-W = Without Sump

When ordering, please indicate whether the fitting should be installed, not installed, or shipped loose. If installed, indicate preferred fitting location (END or SIDE are most common). Leg Tanks must be fully supported for transport.

View technical drawings by clicking on the part number below.

Part No.CapacityDescriptionWeightDimensionsLidFitting
FS0035-1835 Gallon1618 x 345″1″
FS0055-2355 Gallon2223 x 34 x 275″1″
FS0065-2465 Gallon3324 x 395″1″
FS0070-2470 GallonStackable3724 x 395″1″
FS0125-32125 Gallon5432 x 448″1″
FS0165-32165 Gallon7232 x 548″1″
FS0225-38225 Gallon8738 x 528″2″
FS0325-38325 Gallon10838 x 7212″2″
FS0335-44335 Gallon11844 x 5616″2″
FS0510-57510 GallonElliptical16457 x 80 x 3916″2″
FS0535-48535 Gallon16248 x 7816″2″
FS0735-48735 Gal (Hoops Req.)25248 x 10316″2″
FS0925-DW925 Gal (Hoops Req.)29262 x 8116″2″
FS1005-481005 Gal (Hoops Req.)34248 x 13016″2″
FS1035-781035 Gal (Hoops Req.)Elliptical29278 x 90 x 5216″2″
FS1065-56W1065 Gal (Hoops Req.)34256 x 10516″2″
FS1300-DW1300 Gal (Hoops Req.)42762 x 11416″2″
FS1610-781610 Gal (Hoops Req.)Elliptical53078 x 139 x 5616″2″
FS1750-621750 Gal (Hoops Req.)61662 x 14716″2″
FS1800-2W1800 Gal (Hoops Req.)multi tanks (2)58062 x 14916″2″
FS1850-781850 Gal (Hoops Req.)Elliptical57178 x 139 x 6316″2″
FS2350-882350 Gal (Hoops Req.)Elliptical92088 x 146 x 6316″2″
FS2600-2W2600 Gal (Hoops Req.)multi tanks (2)85062 x 21216″2″
FS2750-882750 Gal (Hoops Req.)Elliptical115088 x 146 x 7016″2″
FS3250-883250 Gal (Hoops Req.)Elliptical120888 x 146 x 7916″3″
FS3750-883750 Gal (Hoops Req.)Elliptical142288 x 146 x 9116″3″
FS4200-924200 Gallon (Hoops Req.)Elliptical164892 x 195 x 8016″3″
FS4250-884250 Gal (Hoops Req.)Elliptical161788 x 146 x 10116″3″
Part No.CapacityDescriptionWeightDimensionsLidFitting